NHAI is exploring the possibility of building two tunnels on NH from Mandi to Pandoh.

NHAI exploring-possibility-building-two-tunnels-nh-from-mandi-pandoh

Shimla: After the situation arising due to rain last year in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, now NHAI is exploring the possibilities of building two tunnels on the National Highway of four to seven miles.

For this, the proper survey has started. Earlier, there was a plan to build one tunnel here, but now the possibility of two tunnels is being seen in the survey. If the feasibility is found correct, then two tunnels will be built here.

After facing a terrible tragedy in the last rainy season, NHAI seems to be moving towards paying more attention to tunnel construction.

Six miles between Mandi and Pandoh and at other places, the four-lane project under construction suffered heavy damage due to rain.

In such a situation, NHAI decided to make changes in the four-lane project and build a tunnel between four miles and seven miles.

NHAI exploring-possibility-building-two-tunnels-nh-from-mandi-pandoh

This two-kilometer-long tunnel was to be built for one-way traffic and the existing highway was also to be restored for traffic, but now NHAI is considering building two tunnels instead of one.

If there is a possibility of building two tunnels, then there will be no traffic through the existing road in the future. There is a possibility of many types of dangers here in the future also, due to which a plan is being made to build two tunnels here.

Arrangements will be made for traffic to go to one tunnel and to come from the other tunnel. However, the survey is still going on in this direction, and only after the possibility of a tunnel here is completely decided, its entire DPR will be prepared and sent to the Ministry.

Let us tell you that in the rainy season of 2023, the Chandigarh-Manali National Highway was most affected between Mandi and Pandoh in Mandi district. Here, nearly six miles, the hill has eroded so much that now the cutting work of the four-lane project has been stopped here.

Work is being done from four miles towards Mandi and from seven miles towards Pandoh only. This work has been stopped due to the construction of a two-kilometer tunnel in between.
A survey is being conducted regarding the construction of tunnel between Mandi and Pandoh.

Only after this survey report will the possibilities of tunnel construction here be known. If there is a possibility of tunnel construction, then two tunnels can be built instead of one.