Bhuri Singh Museum – Collection of art, craft and culture of Chamba

Bhuri Singh Museum


Bhuri Singh Museum is situated in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. The Museum is major tourist attractions of Chamaba. Museum is established in 1908.


Bhuri Singh Museum is situated in the heart of Chamba town. At the beginning Museum started with the paintings donated by Raja Bhuri Singh. Dr J.Ph.Voghel traveled Chamba and discovered many old petrograph. Now these petrograph are displayed in the Bhuri Singh Museum. The art objects displayed in the Bhuri Singh Museum are related to craft,carved doors,copper plate grants,art and cultural history of the Chamba. In Museum more accentuation has been given to the Art,Cultural and history of Chamaba. The antiquities of Bhuri Museum are musical instruments,coins,royal costumes and armature.

Bhuri Singh Museum

Bhuri Singh MuseumSource: Tarungoel


The Bhuri Singh Museum at Chamba was established on September 14, 1908 in honour of the raja at the time, Raja Bhuri Singh, who ruled Chamba from 1904 to 1919. J. Ph. Vogel, an eminent indologist, and expert on the history of Chamba state, proposed the museum to preserve a number of valuable inscriptions, mostly in Sarda script, which contained some rare information about the medieval history of Chamba; the Prashastis (Inscriptions) of Sarahan, Devi-ri-kothi and mul Kihar (fountain inscription) are still preserved in the museum. Bhuri Singh donated his family collection of paintings to the museum, including royal portraits which ranged from Basohli to Guler-Kangra in style, and embroidered Pahari miniatures. Numerous artifacts, important to the heritage of Chamba were added, including coins, hill jewelry and royal and tradiitional costumes, arms and armour, musical instruments and other items. The current museum was built in 1975 in concrete. Source: Wikipedia


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