This time the thrill of Manimahesh Yatra amidst snow, the holy place of Lord Shiva shines due to snow

Manimahesh Yatra fresh snow
Manimahesh Yatra fresh snow

Shimla: Manimahesh Dal Lake received four inches of fresh snow, while Gaurikund received one inch of snow. Videos related to these have been shared by Jassi, a resident of Paprola, and a listener of Divya Himachal TV.

He said that there was snowfall in Dal Lake and Gaurikund for about an hour, after which the weather opened up in the upper reaches.

Pilgrims continue to move towards Dal Lake. There has been snowfall in Manimahesh Dal Lake and Gaurikad on Tuesday. However, now the weather has opened up in the area and the flow of travelers towards Dal Lake continues.

Officially, Manimahesh Yatra is going to start on September 7, while the Janmashtami bath will start at 3.38 a.m. today.