Fear of cutting NPS share, Employees in Tension due to non-Restoration of Old Pension in Electricity Board

employees in tension due to non-restoration of old pension in Electricity Board

Shimla: The old pension has not been restored in the Electricity Board and along with this, the employees are now in fear of getting the NPS share cut this month as well.

Actually, the salary in the Electricity Board will start being made after May 20 and only four days are left for it.

If the decree for the restoration of the old pension is not issued in these four days, then the electricity board employees’ share for the month of May will also go to NPS. While the state government has already announced the restoration of old pension for all the departments and in this direction, the employees are also submitting affidavits regarding the option of old pension to the heads of the departments. Employees’ share in NPS has also been frozen.

employees in tension due to non-restoration of old pension in Electricity Board

The file of the Electricity Board employees is circulating between the Finance Department, the Energy Secretary, and the Electricity Board Director. Hurt by the delay in old pension restoration, the Electricity Board employees have now decided to complain about it to Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu.

Employees say that in the month of April also the NPS share of the employees was cut. Now once again such possibilities are being created. The employees have given an extension till May 20 to the electricity board management.

If the OPS is not restored during this time, then the Employees Federation will take drastic steps under the upcoming strategy. In this, Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu will be met first.