Monsoon knocks in Himachal, the very first rains wreak havoc

Monsoon will gain momentum after July 5

Shimla. Monsoon has knocked in Himachal Pradesh. Compared to last year, this time the monsoon has entered the state four days earlier. Meteorological Center Shimla has confirmed this.

Center director Surendra Paul said that the south-west monsoon has entered Himachal on Saturday. Heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected in most parts of the state for the next two days.

Heavy rain alert has been issued in Sirmaur, Shimla, Solan, Bilaspur, Una, Hamirpur, Mandi, and Kangra districts. On the arrival of the monsoon, the state has received heavy rainfall.

According to the report of the Meteorological Department, in the last 24 hours, 163 mm of rain fell in Kataula of Mandi district, 160 mm in Sinhuta of Chamba, 145 in Kasauli of Solan, 143 in Kangra, 99 in Shimla city, 81 in Gohar, 74 in Pandoh, Sundernagar. 70 and Pachhad has received 65 mm of rainfall.

Monsoon Himachal weather yellow alert

Meanwhile, the widespread monsoon rains have wreaked havoc. Torrential rains have created havoc in different parts of the state. Landslides occurred at various places in the capital Shimla. Trees were uprooted and vehicles were hit by debris at many places.

Due to the blockage of the Kalka-Shimla rail route due to the landslide at Chail Koti in Solan, the movement of trains has also come to a standstill. 290 sheep and goats have died due to an avalanche near Kungli Jot in Bharmour of Chamba district.

According to the State Disaster Management Authority, sheep and goats of nine sheep farmers of the area have died. The sheepherders were passing through the accident path when the avalanche hit the sheep and goats.

After overnight rains in Krishna Nagar of capital Shimla, water and strong current changed the course of the drain. Which engulfed four vehicles with debris. Not only the vehicles were damaged, the road leading to the Slaughter House was also covered in debris and the road turned into a drain.

Similarly, the road has been closed due to falling trees in Summerhill. National Highway-5 remained closed for some time due to debris on Dhalli Bypass Road.

Owners of vehicles that were hit by debris in Krishna Nagar said that substandard material was used in the drains built in the name of smart city. Which got washed away in the pre-monsoon rains and their vehicles were heavily damaged.

Apart from this, the debris of the under-construction tunnel fell on three vehicles parked in Lower Samtri near Samtri in suburban Sanjauli.

Half of the vehicles are buried in the debris and the road is also blocked. Local residents Ramesh Thakur and Devendra Thakur alleged that the construction work of the tunnel is going on, due to which the flow of water has been diverted towards the road and houses, due to which there is a possibility of heavy damage in the coming rains.