This Tourist Place of Himachal is the First Choice of Israeli Tourists, there is a Feeling of Coolness Even in Summer


Dharamkot area, which is trending in the list of tourist places of Himachal Pradesh, comes in Mcleodganj only. Not only from India, but foreign tourists also come here, who like this area very much.

The reason for this is that not only Himachal or Tibet, but foreign lifestyle is also seen here. Mcleodganj gives a glimpse of Tibetan culture. Just two kilometers from here, there is a place called Dharamkot, where you will see only tourists from Israel.

Everything from restaurants to shops here is painted in Israeli colors. For this reason it is also called Mini Israel.

Dharamkot is a small and very beautiful hill station located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. High mountains and deodar trees add to the beauty of this hill station.


Dharamkot is a better tourist destination not only for the summer season but also for the winter season. In summers, the temperature here is much lower than in the city.

If you talk about the temperature of Dharamsala and Dharamkot, then compared to Dharamshala, the temperature in Dharamkot is lower by six to seven degrees Celsius.

Situated on a high hill, this area is surrounded by deodar trees from all sides, due to which the tourist place feels cool during summers.

On the other hand, if we talk about winter, then even at that time tourism is drawn here. The reason for this is that there is frequent snowfall in the winter season and tourists are able to enjoy the snowfall, but also the beautiful mountains of Dhauladhar covered with snow can be seen very closely from here.

Dharamkot is also Considered as the base of Triund Trekking Site.

Before going to the trekking site Triund, tourists have to take all the material they need in Dharamkot itself. Triund is 10 kms away from here.


Although there is Galu area about one and a half to two kilometers above Dharamkot, where the bike reaches, but there are only one or two small shops in Galu. For this reason, Dharamkot is also called the base camp of Triund.

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Dharamkot has also got the name of Global Village

Dharamkot has also been named as Mini Israel, Global Village and Global Street. There is a confluence of different thoughts here. The lifestyle of the tourists and the food is different.

The tourists who reach here remain engrossed in contemplation and meditation. Some people also call it a stronghold of intoxication, but it is rarely seen now.


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Here is the Kabad House, only Israelis get entry

People of Israeli origin have more traffic in Dharamkot. Here is the Kabad house i.e. the place of worship. Only people coming from Israel can enter the Kabad House, while there is a complete ban on Indians going inside.

Although this village is Indian, but it is common to see foreigners in every house here. Here you will find only people of Israeli origin. Some are eating in the restaurant, some are buying jewelery in the jewelery shops present here and some are peeping from the houses built in the Pahari style.

Apart from this, tourists from Israel are also seen in many centers of Yoga, Meditation and Reiki. Ashok Pathania, former nominated councilor of Dharamkot, says that tourists started coming here in 1990 and now keep coming here every year. These people like to live in peace away from the crowd, so they live here in an area surrounded by cedar trees.

How to Reach Dharamkot by Flight

The nearest airport to Dharamkot is Gaggal Airport located in Kangra, from where the distance of Dharamkot Hill Station is about 20 km. Is. This Gaggal Airport of Himachal Pradesh is also known as Kangra Airport.


From Gaggal Airport, you can easily reach Dharamkot via taxi. You can also get bus facility from here to reach Dharamcourt. Gaggal Airport is not connected to all the big and small cities of the country by airports.

If flight facility is not available from your city to Gaggal airport, then first you can reach Delhi and take another flight from there to reach Gaggal airport.

How to Reach Dharamkot by Train

The nearest railway station to Dharamkot is Kangra Mandir Railway Station, which is a small railway station situated at a distance of about 40 km from Dharamkot Hill Station and this railway station is not connected to all the railway stations of Himachal Pradesh also.

If you are planning to reach Dharamkot via train, then you will have to first take a train from your city to Pathankot, which is well connected by rail to many major cities of the country.

From Pathankot railway station, you can take another train to Kangra Mandir railway station or from Pathankot take Himachal Pradesh Roadways government bus to reach Dharamkot or Dharamshala.

You will get bus and taxi facility for Dharamkot from both Kangra Mandir Railway Station and Dharamshala.


How to Reach Dharamkot by bus

There is no major bus stand in Dharamkot to reach Dharamkot from major cities of the country. Due to Dharamkot being a small hill station, it is impossible to reach here through direct bus from big cities of the country.

If you are connected to Himachal Pradesh, then it is possible that you will get a direct bus of Himachal Pradesh Roadways to Dharamkot, but if you are connected to other states of the country other than Himachal Pradesh, then you will have to take a direct bus from your city to Dharamshala. Will have to catch a bus.

Direct bus facility has been made available from Delhi to Dharamshala. That is, if you want to reach Dharamkot via bus, then first you have to reach Delhi, from where you have reached Dharamshala by taking a Himachal Pradesh Roadways bus. The distance from Dharamshala to Dharamkot is about 20 kilometers, which you can complete by bus or taxi.

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