More Jobs Opportunities will be there with the Announcement of Budget on March 17; Decision on Recruitment Legislation and Most Recruitment in Education Department itself

13 new schemes announced in CM Sukhu's budget speech

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu’s first budget is also bringing thousands of jobs in the state.

The youth are expecting a decision on one lakh government jobs from this budget, on the other hand, according to the Congress pledge, it can also be announced to make recruitment legislation during this period.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu will present his first budget on Tuesday, March 17 in the budget session starting. Employment in this is a major announcement.

The Congress has promised to create five lakh job opportunities before coming to power.
Out of this, one lakh government jobs have been created by the cabinet under the chairmanship of a cabinet sub-committee industry minister Harshvardhan Singh Chauhan.

Although the cabinet sub-committee has not been able to finalize its recommendations, but the Industries Minister has publicly stated that a target of one lakh will be met under the 20000 government employment formula every year.

If this is the case, the Chief Minister will have to give details of the recruitment in the first year of his government in the budget.

By the way, the Chief Minister has said in the paper leak controversy of the Hamirpur Staff Selection Commission that the government wants to make new recruitments after April, so work has been intensified on the new recruitment agency. Now it will be interesting to see how many posts will be announced in this budget.

It is expected that there will be the most recruitment in the Education Department. The Education Minister himself has described 12000 posts as vacant and is going to start with the recruitment of pre-nursery teachers.

Large departments and boards like PWDA Water Power and Electricity Board are short of employees and the government has to decide on the budget itself.

Jobs box will open on March 17

Talking about the previous budget, the then Chief Minister Jairam Thakur announced the filling of 30000 functional posts in the budget. However, he could not meet this goal. The NTT recruitment policy has not been finalized on time.

Due to this, about 4700 posts remained vacant. The former government was able to keep the multi-task worker in the Education Department and the Public Works Department, but they get very little honorarium. The case of recruitment of teachers was also slow.

JBT recruitment remained in court for a long time and most of other recruitments could not be completed due to entangles in the court.

Therefore, everyone is watching the recruitment legislation of the new government. The Congress has promised the youth before the election that it will create a recruitment legislation in which the entire process will be completed in six months till the appointment is advertised. Now it has to be seen what happens about the recruitment legislation in the budget.

A Supplementary Budget will Come on the First Day of the Session

On the first day of the budget session of the assembly, a supplementary budget is being kept by the state government on Tuesday. Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu will present a bill in this regard.

Actually, the expenses have been more than the previous budget, under the supplementary budget, you have to pass the assembly. Jairam Thakur presented a budget of 51365 crores last year.

How much cost has been incurred this year, it will be known from the supplementary budget. It will be introduced on Tuesday and passed on Wednesday.