Mushroom Directorate Solan: Research successful, Enoki mushroom can be produced across the country


Shimla: Enoki mushroom, which grows naturally in the Himalayan regions of China, Nepal and Pakistan, can now be grown across the country.

Directorate of Mushroom Research (DMR) has achieved success in preparing this mushroom. It is designed in white and golden colour.

It is a species of Gucchi mushroom. The Mushroom Research Directorate was doing research since last year to prepare this mushroom.

This mushroom grows only up to 14 degree temperature. After success in research, now this mushroom can be prepared in any season.

Enoki mushroom is a common ingredient in Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisine. These are long, thin, white fungi with a mild flavor and crisp texture, commonly used in salads, stir-fries, and other dishes.

Helpful in sharpening brain and increasing digestion power

Enoki mushroom is also valued in many areas of the world for its medicinal properties. This mushroom grows naturally on tree stumps in the spring season. This mushroom has many medicinal properties.

This mushroom sharpens the brain power of children and also strengthens the digestive system. 30 lakh metric tons of this mushroom is being produced in the Himalayan regions of India and other countries.

It is only golden in color, but DMR has succeeded in giving it white color also. It looks more beautiful in white color, which will also increase its demand in the market.

Mushrooms are prepared at very low temperatures

The ongoing research on enoki mushroom has been successful. This mushroom has been prepared for the first time in the country. It will be in both white and golden colours. Earlier it was being prepared in foreign countries including some Himalayan areas of India.

This mushroom is prepared at very low temperature. DMR scientists have achieved success by preparing it at a temperature of 20 to 22 degrees. Now it can be prepared in any part of the country.-