Bypassing the Government talks with The Adani Group held in Panchkula, No Result

Loss of crores due to Adani Group's attitude

After 53 days of the cement freight dispute, bypassing the government’s mediation, the truck owner of Darlaghat and the representatives of Adani Company held talks in Panchkula on Sunday, but the meeting remained inconclusive.

Adani Company officials proposed to give the rate of cement transportation in single digits, due to which the truck operators were uprooted and left the meeting midway. Truck operators are asking for freight in double digits.

Truck owners said that if the cement plant is not started in two days, they will take an annual increase on the old rate. There has been no increase for the last three years. The agitation of the truck owners will continue till an agreement is reached.

Adani officials had given a message to the truck owners of Darlaghat late on Saturday night to hold talks in Panchkula.

no result talks with Adani group held Panchkula Bypassing government

The meeting between the two sides started at 12 noon on Sunday and lasted for four hours, but both sides could not agree on the freight. Adani officials from the Panchkula and Shimla offices and heads of the Darlaghat and Barmana cement plants were also present at the meeting.

Among the representatives of the truck owners, Solan District Truck Operator Union President Jaidev Kaundal, Treasurer Kaku Bansal, and former President of Baghal Land Loser Society- Ram Krishna Sharma were also present.

Talks will be held with BDTS officials in Chandigarh

Bilaspur District Truck Operators Cooperative Society (BDTS) will hold talks with the Adani Group on Monday. Adani Group has called the office bearers of BDTS to Chandigarh for talks.

However, the officials of BDTS have said that they will not discuss the freight in the meeting. They will only hold talks there on the terms and conditions that have been going on for the last 30 years. The government will decide on the freight.

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