Interesting Love Story: Donated Property Worth Crores to Fulfill Wife’s Last Wish


Nothing can be purer in time than both love and childhood. Love demands ‘sacrifice’. Love is penance. What love is- It depends on each person’s thinking and his/her own point of view, what is ‘love’ in whose eyes?

In an attempt to understand and explain all these things, 72 years old retired MBBS Dr. Rajendra Kanwar, standing at the last stage of his age, sacrificed everything. Donated everything not to any human being but to ‘Government’ for the happiness of his wife.

In the Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh, a retired doctor whose wife had passed away a year back has given his property worth crores to the government.


Due to not having any child, his wife wanted that all their property should be bequeathed to the government because whatever he earned, he earned while in government service. To fulfill this wish of his wife, the doctor has donated the property to the government.

Dr. Rajendra Kanwar, 72, of Sunkar village in Jolsappad, and his wife Krishna Kanwar, both used to do government jobs. Dr. Rajendra used to work in the health department and his wife in the education department.

After retirement, both of them wished that as they had no children, they would give all their property to the government. Meanwhile, the Doctor’s wife Krishna passed away so, to fulfill her last wish, the husband donated the property.


Dr. Rajendra completed his MBBS in 1974 from Indira Gandhi Medical College then Snowden Hospital Shimla.

On January 3, 1977, he joined Primary Health Center Bhoranj as a doctor. During the service, he did not even take promotions due to the spirit of service. Even after retirement, he treats hundreds of patients every day. He is known as the Kangoo doctor.