Monkey Point – The Highest Point in Kasauli


Thousands of temples of gods and goddesses built on the land of Himachal represent the fact that this land of Himachal has been the abode of gods and goddesses since the beginning, that’s why Himachal is also called Devbhoomi.

People coming here enjoy themselves being in the lap of nature. Among the famous Shaktipeeths of the state, including Mata Shri Nayana Devi, Shri Jwalaji, Shri Chintpurni Ji, Mata Brajeshwari Temple, Shri Chamunda Ji, Baba Balaknath Temple and Shri Renukaji, many temples, and religious places have become the center of faith of the people of the country and abroad.


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Today we are talking about another such religious place which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, son of Pawan.

The Monkey Point of Kasauli in Solan is dedicated to Hanuman, the son of Pawan. It is believed that when Lakshmana was rendered unconscious by Meghnad’s Shakti Baan during the battle between Rama and Ravana in Lanka, Hanuman was sent to the Himalayas to fetch Sanjeevani herb. Instead of Sanjivani herb, Hanuman had brought the entire Himalayan mountain.

While bringing the Himalayan mountain, his right foot rested on this high hill of Kasauli, due to which the shape of this plot is like a huge right foot. Sanjivani Hanuman temple is now at this place.


Hanuman then placed one of his feet at Jakhu in Shimla where his famous temple is located. In the hill of the temple, the gangs of monkeys keep playing. One can feel oneself sitting in the lap of nature in the temple built on the hill.

From here one can see Shimla, Chail, Shree Naina Devi, Dhauladhar peak of Kangra and on the other hand the view of Chandigarh, Panchkula, and plain states fascinates the mind. Tourists from India and abroad visit Monkey Point throughout the year.

The temple has an idol of Hanuman who is shown lifting the Sanjeevani mountain and holding a mace in his left hand.

There is also a Shivling in the temple. The temple is in the Air Force area. It is managed and operated by the army only. Entry is prohibited here without photo ID. Mobile phones and cameras are also not allowed.

Best Time to Visit the Temple

The opening time of the temple is 9 am and it closes at 5 pm. The last ID card in the temple is given at 4:30 pm, after which you are not allowed inside.


Along with this, there is no charge to visit the temple but you will have to pay a fee to keep your luggage in the locker room.

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How to Reach

The bus will take you to the bus stop that is 4 km below this place. You can either trek up 4 kms or take some other means to go up 3 kms and then climb 1 km of the distance. For people who have no issues with trekking this is surely an adventure you will remember.

Monkey Point Kasauli Google Map

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