Loss of Crores due to Adani Group’s attitude, Ward-5 Operators Joined the Movement on the Fifth Day

Loss of crores due to Adani Group's attitude

The ongoing standoff between Adani Group and transporters entered the 63rd day on Wednesday. On the fifth day of the Pakka Morcha campaign, the transporters of ward number five Jabli joined the dharna under the leadership of BDTS Treasurer Suresh Chaudhary.

Although the government is in favor of the truck operators, but due to the failure of all the talks, the truck operators are now worried about employment.

Livelihood is in jeopardy and financers are towing vehicles due to non-payment of bank loan installments. In such a situation, a big economic crisis has arisen in front of the truck operators.

Dinesh Chand, Pawan Kumar, Jaipal, Vijay Kumar, Shubham Sharma, Shammi Kumar, Surendra Sharma, Roshan Lal, Ranjit Singh, Sohan Lal, Manohar Lal, Joginder Singh, Jagat Ram, Pawan, Sushil, Balveer from Barmana ward number five on Wednesday. , Jagat Pal, Tajdin, Raju, Rajeev, Surendra Singh, Karma Dev, Ravindra Singh, Surendra Kumar, Babu Ram, Ratna Lal, Vijay, Kamal, Subhash Chand and Sohal etc. joined the dharna and raised slogans against the Adani Group.

Loss of crores due to Adani Group's attitude

Along with this, he also advocated for Adani Group to give up a dictatorial stubborn attitude. Truck operators say that soon a big meeting will be held to chalk out a further strategy under which there is a plan to seal the state borders and stop the cement supply.

Every Meeting Inconclusive

BDTS head Rakesh Thakur “Rocky” said that the meeting held with the Adani group in Shimla on the previous day, mediated by the CM, did not yield any result.

Although the government is on the side of the operators and is trying to resolve the issue through continuous talks, the Adani group is adopting its stubborn attitude.

The Adani group is not ready to fix the rate that the truck operators are urging, due to which the issue is not being resolved. The rate less than Rs 12.04 is not valid for truck operators.

Strategy will be made in Barmana Today

BDTS head Rakesh Thakur Rocky said that on Wednesday the truck operators in Barmana were informed about the meeting mediated by the CM on the previous day.

All the transporters have been called to Barmana on Thursday, where a big meeting will be held and further strategy for the struggle will be chalked out.

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