Shimla-Dharmashala to Become Smart Cities – 98 Crores Given by Central Government


With the amount of 98 crores for two smart cities of the state Shimla and Dharamshala, the development work being done here will gain momentum. An amount of 49-49 crore each has been provided by the central government for Shimla and Dharamshala Smart Cities.

By removing objections by the Finance Department of the State Government, this amount will soon be handed over to the Urban Development Department, which will be spent on the ongoing development works in both these smart cities.

According to the information, this amount has been released by the Central Government after issuing the Utilization Certificate, but the objections in it have been removed by the Finance Department and this amount will now be received by the Urban Development Department.

The central government has so far released a budget of more than 250 crores for the ongoing smart city project under the state.

Shimla-Dharmashala to Become Smart Cities

After issuing the Utilization Certificate, the Central Government issued a new grant of Rs 98 crore to the state government, under which 49 crores have been released for Shimla and 49 crores for Dharamshala.

For the Smart City Project, the state government has to release 9 crore rupees of its shares and also pay an amount of 98 crores issued from the central government for the development of the project.

With this amount, the widening of routes in Shimla and Dharamshala, construction of an overbridge, lift, retaining wall, beautification of the city etc. are included.