Sixty roads restored, 676 still stalled, figure of loss of Public Works Department reached 1588 crores across the state

Four lane from above Gaggal airport

Shimla: PWD has restored traffic on 60 roads across the state in the last 24 hours. However, 676 roads are still blocked and the loss figure of the department has reached Rs 1588 crore.

Eight new roads have been blocked in Shimla district during the last 24 hours. Of these, the Shimla-Kinnaur National Highway could be restored after about 23 hours.

This National Highway was closed on Wednesday evening due to a massive landslide. The national highway wing of the PWD restored the road here at around 4 pm on Thursday with the help of heavy machinery.

Apart from this, traffic has not been restored on other roads. In the midst of apple season, 375 roads are blocked in Shimla and due to this the gardeners are also worried.

Sixty roads restored, four-lane update

PWD has suffered a loss of Rs 551 crore in Shimla zone. Apart from this, 212 roads are blocked in Mandi zone, causing a loss of Rs 480 crore, while 81 roads are blocked in Kangra and the department has estimated a loss of Rs 140 crore due to the blockade of these roads.

Nine roads are blocked in Hamirpur zone. The department has estimated a loss of Rs 184 crore here. On the other hand, due to the rains, the Electricity Board has estimated a loss of Rs 1482 crore so far. About one thousand transformers of the Electricity Board are still stalled in the entire state.

1440 crores of water power department drowned

Due to weather, the figure of loss of Jal Shakti Department is continuously increasing. In the report sent from the field to the state government, the department has estimated a loss of Rs 1440 crore.

Still water has not come in about 20 percent of the schemes. Jal Shakti Department has suffered the most in Kullu. The loss is estimated to be around Rs 280 crore so far.

210 crore in Sundernagar, Rs 113 crore drinking water schemes in Rohru have fallen prey to the rains. 86 crores in Dharamshala, 86 crores 22 lakhs in Chamba, 43 crores in Narpur and about 20 crores in Hamirpur have been assessed so far.