Student council elections completed in Global Village School

Student council elections completed Global Village School

Shimla: It was student council election day at Global Village School, Hurla, Kullu. The completely democratic system of elections was adopted. The Election Commission was first formed in the student elections.

Dates for filling of nomination papers, withdrawal of names, campaigning, and counting of votes were announced. Supervisors were appointed by setting up polling stations.

Five candidates filed nominations for School Captain and four candidates for Vice-Captain in the elections held for the two posts.

The right to vote was given to students from fifth to tenth grade. While Ishika of class X won the election of school captain by leading by 33 votes, Sakshi of class X won the election of school vice-captain by leading by 71 votes.

Student council elections completed Global Village School

Chief Election Commissioner Indra Thakur, and Election Commissioners Jagdish and Bhushan Dev announced the results after conducting the elections. After this, a meeting was called in which the newly elected office bearers gave expansion to the council with immediate effect.

Akshita and Shubham were chosen as coordinators of sports, martial arts, and yoga clubs. Tanvi was made the convenor of the Environment and Science Committee. Gaurav and Karthik were appointed coordinators of literature, arts, and crafts.

Swaraj and Akhileshwar were unanimously elected coordinators of the Music and Theater Club. Principal Ganesh Bhardwaj and Administrator Kailash Gautam congratulated everyone and said that elections are an important process in democracy.

We teach the whole process to the children through civics in the curriculum, but by putting them into practice, the children get a new experience. The children were very excited and carried out the whole process in the best possible way.

Indra, Bhushan, Rajni, Anu, Himani, Somila, Leela, Sunita, Jagdish, Bhuma, Monisha, Aditya, etc. were appointed for the help and guidance of the Student Council.