A three-kilometer-long railway bridge will be built on Gobindsagar Lake


The work of the Bhanupalli-Bilaspur-Barry broad gauge railway line of strategic importance is going on at a fast pace day and night. The special thing is that the proposed three-kilometer-long byduct bridge on Gobindsagar Lake will be a center of attraction from tourism point of view.

Ankit Kumar, Bridge Civil Senior Structure Expert Engineer of the manufacturing company, said that the railway line project costing Rs 1700 crore is very important from the strategic point of view.

These days it is in rapid progress, so that before the water of Gobindsagar rises, its pillars can be constructed and brought out from the surface of the water. To lay this line, the stretch from Mandi-Bharari to Baihal-Kandela near Bilaspur city falls on the banks of Satluj for three kilometers.

This bridge based on flyover on RCC pillars will be a center of tourist attraction. The company’s expert engineers, laborers and other types of labor and machinery are working day and night.

Engineer Ankit Kumar told that for the construction of this railway track, to build a group of 12 pillars of different heights at different sites, the foundation of 30-30 meter depth will be made with one and a half meter circular 10 mm thick iron sheet.

The constructed pipe is being dug out with a drilling machine and buried in the ground, inside which strong RCC pillars and a platform of one and a quarter to two meter thick RCC will be constructed at the ground level so that the impact of the train does not have any effect on it.

In the middle of this platform, a single pillar of 4.50 meter round height up to a height of about 28.50 meter will be constructed and a cantilever will be constructed on it on which the broad gauge railway line will be laid.

The railway track will become the center of attraction

When the water level of Gobindsagar increases, this three kilometer long railway track to be constructed will completely pass through Gobindsagar. Its amazing view will be worth seeing.

Due to the influx of silt into Gobidsagar every year, special modern techniques and precautions are being used, all necessary efforts are being made to complete it in time.