Three Thousand Applications Reached for Transfer, Employees of these Departments are most Interested


Shimla: There is a competition among employees in the secretariat regarding general transfers. The state government has decided to transfer in the last four days of the month.

This is so that the work in the Secretariat is not affected. In such a situation, these days DOs are being issued for the employees by the ministers, MLAs, and party leaders.

There is a race for transfer files in the Chief Minister’s Office. However, transfer orders are being issued from the Chief Minister’s Office only in special circumstances and for concrete reasons.

Teachers have maximum notes. Their number is more than one thousand. Apart from this, hundreds of DO notes have also been issued by Health Department, Public Works Department, Panchayati Raj Department, Electricity Board, Irrigation, and Public Health Department.


Taking the leaders into confidence, the employees are seeking their favorite stations. Applications for transfers are also being made to OSD Chief Minister and Principal Private Secretary.

About three thousand applications have come. It is notable that many leaders are also going to the ministers and demanding to issue DO notes for adjustment of the employees.

The great thing is that these employees keep track of which employees, teachers, and doctors are retiring. So this seat is getting vacant.

Principal Advisor (Media) to Chief Minister Naresh Chauhan said that transfer orders are issued only in special circumstances and for a solid reason.