Man occupied Shimla-Dharamshala highway in Mangrot Bilaspur

Man occupied Shimla-Dharamshala highway in Mangrot

Shimla: A person has captured the Shimla-Dharamshala National Highway at Mangrot in the Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh. The person has piled mud on the highway.

Due to this one lane of the highway has been obstructed. Although traffic is moving from one lane. The highway has been encroached upon by a person named Rajankant of Mangrot.

Eight Viswa land of the highway in the name of this person’s mother has come out under the scrutiny of the administration. Now this person is demanding the return of the land.

Rajankanth had written a letter to the administration warning that if his land was not returned within a week, he would take possession of it.

Man occupied Shimla-Dharamshala highway in Mangrot

Actually, this dispute is going on since December last year. Following the court’s order in December, the administration removed the kiosk of this person on the highway. After this, the person decorated the shop on the highway itself.

The person claimed that the land on the highway belonged to him. The administration made a mark on the demand of the person, in which eight Viswa land came out in the name of his mother. Due to no action from the administration, the person has put a pile of mud on the highway.