Weather Update: Cloud burst twice in Shimla’s Rampur

Himachal Weather, Cloudburst, Shimla, Rampur,

Shimla: In Kandahar village of Sarpara panchayat of Rampur sub-division of Shimla district, apple orchards and houses were damaged due to two cloudbursts late night.

Many houses have been washed away. Water has entered the houses. Due to which people are facing a lot of problems.

According to information, apple orchards and houses have been damaged due to two cloudbursts late night in Kandahar village of Sarpara Panchayat of Rampur sub-division.

The primary school building, youth club building, and other people’s houses have been washed away due to floods.

Apart from this, cows, bullocks, sheep, and goats were also washed away in the flood. At the same time, water has been filled in many apple orchards.

Himachal Weather, Cloudburst, Shimla, Rampur,

According to the information, there was a sudden cloudburst at 11 o’clock in the late night and people saved their lives by running away but houses and gardens were badly damaged.

After this, again at three o’clock the flood which came due to cloudburst created havoc. Sarpara Panchayat head Mohan Kapatiya told that there was a cloudburst in Kandhar village of Sarpara Panchayat.

He said that contact of Sarpara village has been cut off from the country and the world. He has demanded from the administration that immediate relief should be given to the affected people after taking stock of the situation on the spot.