25 Thousand Jobs: Outsourced, Anganwadi, Asha workers, Honorarium of Sewing Teachers Increased

13 new schemes announced in CM Sukhu's budget speech

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu approved the budget for Kangra Airport expansion on Friday. CM made it clear in his budget speech that the government will expand Gaggal airport as soon as possible and it will be ready in a year.

For this, the government is going to start the process of land acquisition soon. Since the government wants to make Kangra a tourism capital, it will expand the airport as soon as possible.

Apart from this, this airport is also important from the security point of view of the country. The stand of the government is clear and within a year the land acquisition process for airport expansion will be completed and it will be constructed.

Budget Highlights

  • Honorarium of para workers increased
  • Anganwadi workers increased by Rs 500, will get Rs 9500 per month
  • Government will give Rs 6600 to mini Anganwadi workers
  • Anganwadi helpers Rs 5200 per month
  • Five hundred rupees increased for ash workers
  • Honorarium of sewing teachers increased by Rs 500
  • 4400 per month to school water carriers
  • Government will give pump operator 6000 thousand a month
  • The wages of daily wage earners will be Rs 375.
  • Outsourced employees will get Rs 11,250 per month
  • SMC teachers salary increased by Rs 500
  • Shimla-Mataur forelane will not be built anywhere, the Union Ministry of Transport has approved
  • Chief Minister’s Road and Maintenance Scheme, provision of Rs 200 crore budget in a year
  • Rajiv Gandhi self-employment scheme will be formed with self-employment and startups
    Subsidy on electric taxis: Government will give 50 percent subsidy to operators to convert diesel taxis into e-taxi
  • Single window over: Single window over for investment, Bureau of Investment Promotion will be formed in the state
  • Shimla-Mataur forelane will not be built anywhere, the Union Ministry of Transport has approved
  • Jobs in Jal Shakti Department, government will fill five thousand posts of different categories
  • New city to be built in Himachal with Rs 373 crore
  • Under the MNREGA scheme, the MNREGA daily wage has been increased from Rs 212 to Rs 240.
  • Under MNREGA, the daily wage received in the tribal area is now Rs 294
  • 100 crores extra will be spent due to increase in MNREGA wages
  • Increase in the honorarium of Panchayat and municipal public representatives
  • 20 thousand rupees honorarium to mayor, 1500 rupees honorarium to deputy mayor,
  • 7000 per month to councilor
  • 4000 per month to orphans
  • MGNREGA wages increased, now you will get Rs 240
  • Interest relief for 75 thousand shopkeepers
  • Honorarium of Panchayat representatives increased
  • Honorarium of municipal representatives also increased
  • Area-based Him Unnati Krishi Yojana, clusters will be formed in the entire state
  • Separate clusters will be formed for milk production, coarse grains, pulses and natural farming.
  • Him Ganga scheme for milk based economy, milk producers will get fair price of milk, 500 crore budget
  • Diet money for sportspersons will be increased from Rs 120 to Rs 200
  • Income limit ends in widow pension facility, relief allowance to disabled
  • Social security pension to 40 thousand
  • Chief Minister’s Widow and Ekal Nari Awas Yojana to build a house, one and a half lakh
  • will be given to build a house
  • Electric scooty to 20 thousand meritorious daughters, government will give 25 thousand rupees
  • Tourist and excellent center will be built at Bhakra Ghat, work will be completed by 2023
  • Robotic surgery in Medical College IGMC, Tanda, Hamirpur, Chamba, Nahan, 100 crores will be spent
  • Inauguration of Hamirpur, Chamba, Nahan Medical College next year, 100 crores will be spent
  • Upgraded emergency medicine department will be set up in all the medical colleges of the state. There will not be more than one patient on one bed. Staff will increase.
    150 crore to 50 bed critical care center will be built
  • The health institute in each constituency will be developed as a model health institute.
  • One to 34 tests will be done in each institute
  • Center of Excellence for Cancer Care in Hamirpur. Nuclear medicine center will be built
  • Nursing College will be built in Nahan, Chamba, Hamirpur Medical College
  • Health sector 3139 crores will be spent
  • Vacant posts of teachers will be filled, teachers, sports, and library will be upgraded in running schools
  • Rajiv Gandhi day boarding schools will be opened in every assembly constituency, all
  • kinds of facilities will be provided, swimming pools will be built. 300 crores will be spent on this
  • National-level libraries will be attached for competitive exams
  • Fairs will be held twice in colleges, special placement drive will run
  • Libraries will be built in every senior secondary school
  • Meritorious children will get ten thousand tablets
  • Desks will be available in all government schools, children will not sit down
  • Diet money for sportspersons will be increased from Rs 120 to Rs 200