ABVP vents Aakrosh, seeks revamp of education system


abvp Aakrosh Rally

The ABVP today sought revamp of the education system. The party asserted that if the government was a hurdle, it was strong enough to change it also. Activists said they would continue their fight against RUSA.

Addressing the activists at Aakrosh Rally, ABVP national organisational secretary Sunil Ambedkar lauded the students saying they were a source of inspiration for the country. He said hasty implementation of RUSA, especially the semester and choice-based credit system (CBCS), had created an atmosphere of academic anarchy, forcing the students to take to streets.

Taking a dig at the state government for making false promise to grant unemployment allowance in the election manifesto of 2012 Assembly poll, he said after making sustained efforts to wriggle out from the promise for four years, the government announced unemployment allowance in the budget of 2017-18 which was merely an eyewash and a political gimmick. ABVP national general secretary Vinay Vidra underlined the urgency to put in place a comprehensive policy frame-work and regulatory mechanism to rein in private educational institutions. He supported the demand of Himachal ABVP for direct elections to the Students Central Association (SCA) and stressed that election was the right of the students. He lashed at the government for hiking fee.

Aakrosh Rally shimla

Asking how the students would excel under the CBCS system when more than 1,500 posts of teacher were lying vacant in government colleges, he demanded abolition of the CBCS and semester system. A list of well research 58 issues regarding education would be submitted to the Chief Minister and the Governor, he added.

ABVP state leaders Kaul Negi, Hema Thakur and Ankita accused the state government of adopting apick-and-choose policy for giving jobs to favorites. They said only tuition fee (Rs 100-150) had been exempted for girls in the name of free education and demanded that education should be completely free for girls.

They maintained that the shift in focus from consolidation for quality education to reckless expansion had a telling effect on education at the elementary level. Thousands of students from across the state assembled at Ambedkar Chowk near the Vidhan Sabha and marched towards the Ice Skating Rink.

Story & Photo: The Tribune