Fourlane update: 15 Villages will come under Package-4 in Hamirpur, NHAI has Finalized the Award of 10 villages

Approval of one of eight NH, forest-clearance seven projects waiting

Under the package-4 (Hamirpur to Jwalamukhi) of the state’s ambitious Shimla-Mataur four-lane project, the land of 15 villages in the 17 km area coming in the Hamirpur will come under the purview of the road.

Two of these villages, Jasor and Bajuri, are such that all the land of the road coming out of them is of government, while the land and structures of the people of 13 villages will be affected by the four-lane. The entire process of giving compensation to the affected people is almost complete.

Bank details are being sought from the affected by the Land Acquisition Authority, so that they can be given compensation for the lands on time. Out of 13 villages, the final approval has been given by the NHAI for the award of the beneficiaries of 10 villages.

Fourlane update: 15 villages will come under package-4 in Hamirpur

About 19 hectares of these ten villages are coming under private land road. The National Highways Authority of India has acquired the land of people in villages Sai Brahmana, Dravsai, Sai Ugialla, Bahadla, Masayana, Kaswad, Piyadkar, Khaggal, Baleta Khurd and Baleta Kalan in Hamirpur tehsil for the construction of the road.

In these 10 villages, the land of 1763 villagers is coming under the jurisdiction of Fourlane, who will be given a compensation of about 49 crore 27 lakhs.

The assessment of the structure has been done by an independent agency on behalf of NHAI, according to which 34 buildings will be demolished, while the land acquisition authority will get its assessment done by the Public Works Department at its own level.

The compensation will be given separately after the final report of the structure coming in the JD of the road and the trees to be cut. As per the information, special camps are being organized in the concerned areas to get the bank account details from the affected people at the earliest.

In this series, employees of the concerned department will be available in villages Sai Brahmana, Dravsai and Sai Ugiulla in the camp to be organized at Patwarkhana Dhalot on February 17.

On 20th, affected people of village Bahadla, Masyana, Kaswad and Piyadkar can submit their bank account details at Government Primary School Kaswad near Gugga Mandir

Bank account details of the affected people of village Khaggal, Baleta Khurd and Baleta Kalan in Khaggal will be obtained on February 21. Manishkumar Soni, SDM and Land Acquisition Officer has confirmed the news.

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