Giri’s water level increased, gates of Jaton Barrage opened; Yellow alert of rain for four days

Giri's water level increased Yellow alert rain for four days

Shimla: Due to heavy rains in some parts of Sirmaur for the last three days, rivers and streams are in spate again. The water level of the Giri river suddenly increased due to rain on Tuesday night in the upper areas including Dhartidhar, Sandhar, and Renukaji areas of the district.

Due to this, 9 inches of water was released from gate number four of Jaton Barrage on Wednesday morning. On the other hand, it was cloudy in most areas including Shimla. The mercury has started rising in the lower areas.

Whereas Kinnaur-Shimla NH could not be restored even on the sixth day. There is a possibility that traffic will remain closed for two more days. Jaton Barrage management informed the District Disaster Management Authority Sirmaur about the release of water at 6:50 a.m.

Giri's water level increased Yellow alert rain for four days

10 minutes later, at exactly 7:00, water was released from Jaton Barrage. In case of the release of barrage water, the District Disaster Management Authority also issued an alert to avoid flood-like situation in low-lying areas.

Yellow alert of rain for four days

Yellow alert for rain has been issued in most areas of the state till September 17. The weather is forecast to remain bad till September 19. On Wednesday, after mild sunshine in the capital Shimla, it remained cloudy throughout the day.

There was fog in the city in the evening. There is a possibility of change in the weather due to the activity of western disturbance.

The weather remained mixed in other areas of the state on Wednesday. On Wednesday, the maximum temperature was 34.8 in Una, 34.4 in Bhuntar, 34.2 in Bilaspur, 34.0 in Chamba, 33.4 in Sundernagar, 32.8 in Mandi, 31.3 in Kangra, 28.5 in Dharamshala, 28.4 in Nahan, 27.6 in Manali and 26.2 degree Celsius record in Shimla.