Another two km long tunnel will be built, NHAI took the decision

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Shimla: Another tunnel is going to be built on the strategically important Kiratpur-Manali four-lane. For this, the National Highways Authority of India (NHIA) has started exploring possibilities between four to seven miles on the four-lane under-construction Mandi-Pandoh.

If the possibilities improve, a two kilometer long single lane tunnel will be built here. Whereas on the other side, there will be open highway. NHAI has taken this decision in view of the conditions arising after the rains.

This year, due to heavy rains from July to September, the four-lane road from Mandi to Manali has suffered huge damage.

At many places, landslides and debris coming from the hills have increased the problems of NHAI. At many places, work is going on to bring the NH back to its original condition.

Kiratpur-Manali Fourlane two km long tunnel built

Keeping all these things in mind, NHAI has stopped the work of cutting the proposed hill between four miles and seven miles on the four-lane under construction from Mandi to Pandoh.

Here, work is being done to restore the existing highway to two lanes by removing the debris fallen from the hill. Whereas work on the four lane plan from here has been stopped. Possibilities of the tunnel are being seen here.

NHAI has asked the consulting agency to prepare a proposal and DPR regarding the possibilities of the tunnel. About two-kilometer long tunnel can be built here.

Let us tell you that this four-lane is very important from the strategic point of view and from tourism point of view. Till now, a total of 28 tunnels are being built in Kiratpur-Manali four-lane. Some of these are single lane and some are double lane.

Along with this, due to the construction of another tunnel, the journey of the tunnel will also be less than before. Whereas travel will be safe and the danger from landslides will be reduced.

The idea of building a tunnel of four to seven miles between Mandi and Pandoh is underway. Possibilities are being explored. If everything is found to be as per the technical standards, then a tunnel will be built here, so that the traffic is not affected due to landslides.