Kangra Airport Update: Due to this reason the scheduled process had to be postponed

Gaggal Airport Kangra update

Shimla: Now the state government will resume the process of public hearing for the expansion of Gaggal Airport in Kangra.

This public hearing was held in the affected area on January 15 and only after this the relief and rehabilitation plan was to be finalized, but due to the stay of the process by Himachal High Court, the public hearing also had to be postponed.

Now Himachal government has got relief in the Supreme Court against the decision of the High Court. The division bench of the Chief Justice of India has said that the effect of the High Court order is to stall the entire project, hence the orders of January 9 are being stayed.

The State Advocate General also assured the Supreme Court that no one will be evicted during this project and everyone will be rehabilitated. The Supreme Court has also taken this assurance on record.

Earlier, when the process of land acquisition of Kangra Airport was stopped in the orders of January 9, the state government had immediately decided that this decision would be challenged in the Supreme Court.

Gaggal Airport Kangra update

Now after getting relief from the Supreme Court, the court orders are being awaited. After that, further action plan will be decided in the meeting chaired by Principal Secretary of Tourism Devesh Kumar.

The hearing of this case in the Himachal High Court was scheduled for February 29, 2024, but before that the state government can move forward to complete the necessary formalities for land acquisition.

According to the action plan prepared by the state government, distribution of funds to the affected people was to start from the end of February.

The state government has to spend about Rs 2600 crore on land acquisition for the airport. The cost of building an airport varies. Airport Authority of India will also be a partner in this.

That’s why there is protest

People say that the land that has been identified for the expansion of Gaggal Airport comes in the private sector and the entire land is fertile.

Apart from this, Gaggal Bazaar is also coming under the influence of Gaggal Airport expansion, which is an industrial area and provides employment to hundreds of people, while people have also objected to the compensation amount given during the airport expansion.