Economic Survey: Himachal Pradesh’s Per Capita Income Increased by 10 Percent to Rs 2,22,227

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Himachal’s economy has shown signs of recovery after the Corona period. The state’s GDP and per capita income have increased in the last one year.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu placed the report of the economic survey on the floor of the Vidhan Sabha on Thursday in the budget session of the Vidhan Sabha.

In the Economic Survey, the state’s gross domestic product at constant prices has increased by Rs 8,143 crore to Rs 1,34,576 crore. The state’s GDP on current parts has gone up to Rs 1,95,404 crore.

With this, the per capita income in the state has increased from Rs 2,01,271 to Rs 2,22,227. This is Rs 51,607 more than the national per capita income.

The contribution of agriculture and allied sectors to the state’s GDP has increased to Rs 24,847 crore. This is an increase of 2 percent from last year.

Economic Survey Himachal Pradesh's Per Capita Income Increased by 10 Percent to Rs 2,22,227

The contribution of the industrial sector is expected to be Rs 79,284 crore. This includes the mining sector as well. The contribution of the industry sector is expected to increase by 7.1 percent.

The tourism sector in Himachal is also showing signs of recovery. One crore 51 lakh tourists have come to Himachal in the year 2022 after the shortage of tourists due to Corona in the last two years, due to which the revenue is expected to increase.

As far as inflation is concerned, the state-level wholesale price inflation has come down from 15.4 percent to 5.0 percent from April to December in the current financial year.

The consumer price index has fluctuated between 3.2 and 7.2 percent. Himachal Pradesh has moderate inflation in the current financial year. That is, the inflation rate has been said to be controlled.

The Economic Survey report states that women in Himachal Pradesh are participating more actively in economic activities than at the all-India level and in neighboring states.

This percentage is around 50.5%. As far as unemployment is concerned, Himachal has recorded the lowest unemployment rate of 4% in comparison to all the neighboring states and all India level.

This rate has been 4.1% at all India level, 7.8% in Uttarakhand, 6.4% in Punjab and 9.0% in Haryana. Now the budget will be presented by the state government on Friday. This will be the first budget of Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu.

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