Chhoti Kashi rejoices at the beginning of the new year


Mandi: Hearty congratulations and best wishes to all of you for the New Year. As soon as the New Year 2024 started, Chhoti Kashi Mandi was in full swing. Late at night, as the clock struck 12 o’clock and the first date of the New Year arrived, firecrackers were burst everywhere. Apart from this, New Year was welcomed with Pahari and Punjabi dance.

People were seen celebrating the beginning of the new year till late at night at tourist places including hotels and dhabas. The markets in Mandi city and other areas also remained lively till late at night. Because on Sunday people were busy preparing to welcome the New Year.

As soon as the evening of 31st December fell, programs started at all the places. It is noteworthy that the year 2023 was the period of maximum disaster. Mandi district has lost a lot due to these incidents.

Forget these incidents and have a happy new year. Regarding this, people worshiped at homes including temples late in the evening.


At tourist places including hotels, tourists welcomed the New Year with great joy. The tourist places of Mandi district were already buzzing with the arrival of tourists even before the beginning of the New Year.

Apart from this, tourists also enjoyed a lot in Beed Billing Valley and Joginder Nagar adjacent to the Mandi-Kangra border. Whereas at some tourist places, people welcomed the New Year with enthusiasm by setting up tents.

The Mandi Police team remained fully prepared for the programs organized at various places to mark the beginning of the New Year. To ensure that tourists do not face any problem in commuting, police personnel were seen guiding tourists on the NH throughout the day.

This time, the packages organized by the hotel management to celebrate the beginning of the New Year were the center of attraction. Packages were set per person for partying in hotels. Of which people took full advantage. Due to the package, most of them were booked in advance.