Manimahesh Yatra: Mother Gaura did penance here to get Lord Shankar, this belief is associated with Ganga jal.

Manimahesh Yatra associated with Ganga jal

Shimla: During Manimahesh Yatra, devotees do not carry Ganga water from the Gaurikund stop. It is believed that when someone passes near Gaurikund carrying Ganga water, the water in the pond starts boiling.

Not only this, if someone accidentally puts even a drop of Ganga water in Gaurikund, then this pond dries up completely. In such a situation, the devotees who bring Ganga water to Dal Lake to offer water, leave for the next stop by another route.

Mahant Akash Giri and Mahakal Giri tell that Mother Gaura had performed rigorous penance here to attain Lord Shankar.

Even today the deities remain engrossed in the devotion of Lord Shankar here. Mahant Akash Giri and Mahakal Giri tell that Gaurikund is the penance place of the mother. Even today the deities are engrossed in the penance of Lord Shankar.

Manimahesh Yatra associated with Ganga jal

Women offer suhaagi after bathing in Gaurikund.

Let us tell you that Gaurikund is at an altitude of 12 thousand feet above sea level. This stop of Mata Gaura has special significance in itself. Especially women, after taking bath at Gaurikund, worship the idol of Mother Goddess.

Married women offer wedding items to the Mother Goddess. She asks her mother for a long life of marriage. Unmarried girls ask for a suitable and desirable groom.

The fatigue of climbing 10 km ends as soon as you reach Gaurikund.

Beyond the Sundarasi stop of the holy Manimahesh Yatra, devotees pass through Bhairon Ghati and Glacier Point to reach their next stop Gaurikund.

As soon as you reach Gaurikund stop, the fatigue of climbing 10 kilometers goes away completely. The mind becomes elated after getting the darshan of Lord Shankar’s Kailash from here.

This is the sacred abode of Maa Gaura. At Gaurikund stop, there is a sacred pond with a marble statue of Mata Gaura. Only women take bath in this sacred pond. When devotees reach Gaurikund from Sundarasi, they definitely stop for a few moments.