Himachal will soon get 12 valley bridges, PWD has signed a deal with two companies for Rs 18 crores.

Himachal will soon get 12 valley bridges

Shimla: PWD ravaged by rain is going to get big relief. The consignment of Valley Bridge from Kolkata will reach Himachal in October.

These bridges will be used to connect roads in high altitude areas. 19 bridges in the state have completely collapsed and considering the condition of these bridges, PWD had decided to purchase valley bridges during the rainy season.

For this, the department had given tenders to two Kolkata companies for the purchase of bridges. 12 bridges are to be purchased from these companies.

Himachal will soon get 12 valley bridges

The department is spending Rs 18 crore on valley bridges. Of the two companies from which the bridges are being purchased, PWD is purchasing nine valley bridges from Garden and Reach, while a deal for three bridges was signed with the other company Roof and Bridge.

The company will start supplying these bridges from the month of October. These can be installed here within 72 hours to a week. It is noteworthy that due to heavy rains in the state, 116 bridges have been damaged and out of these, 19 bridges have been completely destroyed.

PWD had sent this report to the state
government. After this, Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu has released Rs 18 crore to the department to purchase the Valley Bridge.

The department has talked about purchasing about 12 bridges with this amount. The length of these bridges is 160 to 180 feet.

Bought bridge for Rs 18 crore

PWD Chief Engineer Ajay Gupta said that the department has given tender to two Kolkata companies to purchase the Valley Bridge.

The state will start receiving supplies of Valley Bridge in October. The department will get a total of 12 bridges and this series will continue. 19 bridges have completely collapsed in the state, while 97 bridges have been damaged.

The two companies from which Valley Bridges are being purchased are also supplying bridges to BRO and bridges of these companies are installed for the Army in the border areas.