If you do not believe in Ghosts, then Visit these places in Shimla, Opinion will Definitely Change


Many people must have read or heard stories of ghosts and spirits from their grandparents during their childhood days.

If you are told now that there are such scary places, then you might not be able to believe all these things. But do you know that such scary and haunted places are still present in some places of Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh is seen by most of the people as beautiful mountains and green natural places. But apart from this, there are also some scary places, where you might not have been.

If you do not believe in the story of ghosts then you must visit such places. Surely your opinion will change.

Here are the haunted places of Himachal Pradesh

Kingal Road

During the day, Kingal Road is a quiet place but no one passes through this road as soon as it is evening. If any person who walks in this road unknowingly or who does not know the story here, then he hears scary voices and screams on this road.


By the way, this road is connected to any other road of hill stations. But, every night at about 2 o’clock strange lightning comes.

This phenomenon has been reported by many people but no one knows how and where this kind of lightning comes from. But till date no one has been able to tell anything correctly about this road.



IGMC Road is a very scary road in itself. Local people believe that on this road passing near the medical college, even today at night, the soul of an orange seller is seen roaming around.

This road is near Indira Gandhi Medical College in Shimla. It is also believed that the wandering soul was once killed in a car accident and since then till now its soul is seen wandering here.

Charleville Haveli, Shimla

It is told by the locals that this old haveli was built during the British Era and in 1913 it was rented out to a British officer, Victor Belay and his wife.

When he started living here, the local people told him some scary things related to this house. When he investigated this, it came to know that there are spirits of Britishers in this mansion, who roam around in this palace.

Convent School, Chhota Shimla

According to the local people, a horse rider comes here and gives roses to the girls, if any girl goes with him during that time, then that girl is found dead the next day.

Convent-of-Jesus-Mary-haunted place himachal shimla

Local people have also been found saying about this place that children were once buried on the present playground. Apart from this, in 2012, two students were found unnaturally dead near the school. Which is really a fact that raises many questions.

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Indira Gandhi Medical College

The Indira Gandhi Medical College located in Shimla is considered to be the largest hospital in the entire Himachal Pradesh.

Apart from this, its name is also included in the scary places of the city. Many patients, doctors and staff here have complained many times about strange happenings.


In this regard, some staff working in the medical college have lost their jobs out of fear. They believe that strange incidents keep happening in the lift, corridor and rooms here. Such as strange sounds in the night, noises accompanied by screaming and crying.

Not only this, but here people have also seen that some invisible shadow tries to pull them from behind while walking on the stairs and even today such incidents happen many times at night.

House Of Dukhani

Dukhani is a beautiful house at one of the hills of Shimla, said to be haunted by the ghost of an old man, wearing a gown.

An old story from the British era tells that he shot himself in the Dukhani house in the same outfit.

A spooky occurrence, narrated by Sir John Smith one of the guests at Dukhani, when the place was owned by an old Britisher Bucky is the most popular haunted tale of this house.

During a short stay at Dukhani, Sir John Smith encountered the ghost of the old man in a gown, in the very same room where he had shot himself. This is one of the most rated horror places in Shimla.

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Chudail Baudi

Another one of the most famous haunted places in Shimla, Chudail Baudi lies between the way to Chotta Shimla from Shimla Highway.

It is believed that your car speed will automatically reduce while you are crossing this point and the evil doesn’t end here.


You will be stopped by an old woman and like movies, she will ask for a lift. The only difference is that whether you say yes or no, she will be sitting on the seat right beside you. A lot of accidents take place at this spot.

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