State’s first electric bus depot in Dharamshala, modern workshop being built under Smart City Mission

State's first electric bus depot in Dharamshala

Shimla: The construction of the first electric bus depot of Himachal Pradesh can be started from Dharamshala. These days, a state-of-the-art workshop is being built here by the Transport Corporation under the Smart City Mission.

Besides, the work of the new bus terminal has also started. In such a situation, the government can easily realize its claims of converting petrol and diesel vehicles into electric vehicles.

Crores of rupees are being spent here and if a plan is made to build an electric bus depot, then it can become a model depot for the entire country.

These days, work on two big and ambitious projects of the Transport Corporation, a bus terminal and a state-of-the-art workshop, is going on in Dharamshala, the second capital of the state.

If the government connects both these projects with its new ideas, then plans can be made for the future. There are about 130 buses in Dharamshala depot, out of which 15 are electric buses taken under the Smart City Mission, which is being managed by the Transport Corporation.

State's first electric bus depot in Dharamshala

Apart from this, an example can be set by shifting the electric buses running in other depots to their first and model depots.

Under the Smart City Mission, about Rs 13 crore is being spent on the workshop being built at one end of the city for the Dharamshala depot, in which maintenance facilities for diesel buses are being arranged in the ground floor and first There will be provision for charging stations for electric buses on the floor.

In such a situation, if the maintenance work of electric buses is also done in these workshops and the existing workshop men are given training, then the future of the employees working in the workshop will also be pleasant and this depot of Dharamshala can be a direction giver for the state too.

Similarly, if the bus terminal being built in Dharamshala is built keeping the future in mind, keeping in mind the convenience of electric vehicles, then it can become a model bus stand for the state.