Two thousand Crores for the Power Sector Development Program, 200 MW Capacity Solar Power Plants will be Constructed

Preparation to Include Himachal's Small Projects in the Solar Park Scheme

The state government is going to start the Himachal Pradesh Power Sector Development Program at a cost of Rs 2,000 crore. Under this, provision has been made for the construction of 200 MW capacity solar power projects and the construction of 11 sub-stations and two large power distribution lines for 13 cities.

Under this, the MoU will be signed after the completion of the last round of discussion of the state government with the World Bank.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu has said that HPTCL will set up 6 EHV sub-stations at Kala Amb, Barshaini, Kangu, Palchan, Dharampur, and Hilling at a cost of Rs 464 crore. While the construction of 5 transmission lines and a joint control center will be completed.

In the coming days, the state government will set-up a centralized cell for efficient management of sales and purchases, so that the state government can get the right price in order to buy power at the time of need and sell it at the time of excess production.


Set Targets for Projects

The state government has fixed a target of completing one thousand MW power projects in the coming financial year. Of these, Parvati-2, Tidaung-1 Shelti Masarang, and Lambadag will be completed.

Apart from this, the state government has made preparations to start the work of the much-awaited Renukaji Dam project with the help of the Center.

The construction of Chanju-3, Deyothal Chanju, Sunni Dam, and Dugar projects will start this year itself. The government will also start the work of Seikothi-1 and Seikothi-2, Devikothi and Hale project soon.

Houses will be Illuminated with Solar Energy in Pangi

The state government has made arrangements to dispel the darkness in Pangi tribal area. There will be no power cut in Pangi even during snowfall in the future. The state government is making preparations to convert the area completely into solar energy.

In the budget, Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu has talked about setting up a battery energy storage system project for Pangi.

Due to this, the power supply in the tribal area of Pangi will now be through solar energy and the hassle of electricity or voltage will be completely over.

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