Know about the History, Important Information and Some Interesting Facts about Manali


Manali Sightseeing is a popular backpacking and honeymoon destination in the northern Indian side. Situated on the banks of river Beas, it is a gateway to adventure activities in Solang, Gulaba and Kothi. But there is much more to the city.

It is located in the Kullu district of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.  Himachal Pradesh is one such state of India which is a unique blend of Indian art, history, culture, spirituality and amazing natural environment.

Manali is one of the coldest places in India, due to which this place attracts lakhs of tourists every year. Some of these places are always buzzing with tourists.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give them a chance because of rush. In fact, if you are traveling for the first time, then such places to visit in Manali should definitely be on your itinerary.

Known as the ‘Valley of the Gods’, Manali has its own mythological history which states that the great sage Manu was the creator of Manali.

Sage Manu is believed to have stepped out of his ark to recreate human life when a devastating flood ravaged the entire world. Let us tell you that Manali is considered to be a modified name of the word ‘Manu-Alay’, which means the house of Manu.

It is said that in the 17th century, Raja Jagat Singh installed the idol of Lord Raghunath at this place for the betterment of the kingdom and since then Lord Raghunath is known as the presiding deity.


However, Until the 20th century as per the factual history, the modern Manali was settled by the colonial rulers of British India as an excellent summer resort. They used to visit exotic resort towns to escape the scorching heat of the northern plains.

People in the British Raj used to come here from abroad for their holidays because of the pleasant temperature. Due to which Manali developed roads, contemporary restaurants, hotels and activities like snow racing and skating.

They even planted many apple trees here for beautification. During the colonial period after the 16th century, Manali was used by the Britishers not only for growing apple trees but also they found a trout (a special kind of fish).

The area was so favorable for apple trees that when trees were planted here, they grew very quickly and the apples on them began to bear fruit in such abundance that the branches of the trees fell under their weight.

Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, also worked to develop this area for trekking in the mountains. After the 1980s, Manali’s tourism got a tremendous boost as people from Kashmir migrated here in large numbers, turning the once deserted village into a bustling town with many hotels and restaurants have changed.

History and important information of Manali

There is a list of some interesting facts about Manali

  • Manali is one of the most visited places in India in terms of tourism, which is located in the Kullu district of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Manali is one of the highest places in India, situated at an altitude of about 1,800 m to 2,000 m.
  • This wonderful and grand tourist destination is situated in the valley of Beas river near the northern end of Kullu valley.
  • The place is believed to have been the abode of famous people like the Saptarishis (seven sages), due to which the region is also seen as a place of Indian culture and heritage.
  • It is one of the coldest places in India, with an average temperature of about 10 °C to 26 °C in summer and −15 °C to 12 °C in winter.
  • The place is named after Manu, which literally means the abode of Manu.
  • About 6 kms from Manali. There is a small village named Vashishtha, named after sage Vashishtha. It is believed that this village is more than 4000 years old, where a famous Hindu temple “Vashishtha Mandir” is also established.
  • To the south of this famous place is the Naggar Fort, which was built by the rulers of the Pala Empire. This fort is made up of rocks, stones and wood which further adds to its beauty, this fort was later converted into a hotel.
  • There is also Hidimba Devi temple built in the year 1553 AD. This temple is dedicated to Hidimba, the wife of Prince Bhima. This temple is famous for its 4 storied pagoda and amazing artwork. Every year lakhs of people come to Manali to see it.
  • About 27 kms from Manali Rahla waterfall is situated. It is one of the highest waterfalls in India, situated at an altitude of about 2,501 metres.
  • Kullu is about 13 kms from Manali. Its most popular place is the Solang Valley located in the northwest, which is also known as the Snowfall Point here.

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