New revelation in crypto currency fraud case, accused prepared software in Punjab

Crypto Currency Fraud

Shimla: Every day new revelations are being made in the case of fraud in the name of crypto currency. The accused have prepared the software while sitting in Punjab. This has come to light during the interrogation of the accused and the exchange of information with Punjab Police.

The police will also arrest the engineers who have prepared this software. In such a situation, the police SIT has also intensified the investigation.

Teams are continuously raiding outside states to arrest the accused, while interrogation of the suspects is going on in Himachal Pradesh also.

SIT has received information that Subhash of Himachal, the main accused of fraud in the name of crypto currency, has six properties in Punjab. Apart from this, the accused have also purchased property in the name of relatives.

Crypto Currency Fraud

Now Himachal Police is busy in searching the property and bank accounts of the relatives apart from the property of the accused. SIT is demanding the accounts of the accused from the banks.

Fake sites have also been created regarding crypto currency. Due to this also the accused have committed a scam worth crores of rupees.

Police SIT is seriously investigating every aspect related to the case. There are thousands of people investing in crypto currency. Now the complainants are pleading for justice from the police.

It is noteworthy that till now more than 70 people have lodged complaints in the police station in this matter.

There are many people who are not coming forward to complain. The complainants are being asked on whose instructions the investment was made in crypto currency. Based on this, further investigation is going on.

Half a century of fraud complaints in Mandi Cyber Police Station

At the same time, the number of complaints of fraud in the name of cryptocurrency has reached 50 in Mandi Cyber Police Station. Complainants are reaching Mandi with new complaints every day.

Along with narrating their plight, the complainants are demanding strict action against the accused. Complainants say that this entire game was based on trust. The crooks used to take cash by expressing trust. If anyone had any objection, they would immediately return the cash.

This gives confidence in other people. They also lured people to travel abroad by investing ten thousand dollars. Many complainants have never even met Hemraj, Sukhdev and Subhash, the main accused in this entire game.

Whereas the people who made investments in the initial phase were in direct contact with them. Now the complainants are filing complaints against those who were given cash. He was mostly in the role of team leader.

In such a situation, legal action can be taken against them also. In most of the cases, facts are coming to light that 99 percent of the amount is paid in cash only. However, details of online transactions are also being collected from the complainants.

On the other hand, Mandi Cyber Police Cell’s Additional Superintendent of Police Manmohan Singh said that new complaints of fraud in the name of cryptocurrency are being received. Statements are being recorded in the case as per rules.