One-way traffic running on Kiratpur-Nerchowk four-lane due to rain

four-lane update land will be tested before construction four-lane

Shimla: In Himachal Pradesh, heavy debris and stones fell on the road due to landslides on both sides of Bhuwana Tunnel 5 of Sundernagar on the newly constructed Kiratpur Nerchowk four-lane, resulting in heavy debris and stones falling on the road for the last several months.

Due to this, there is a constant danger of accidents happening at this place. NHAI has been unable to restore double-lane traffic even after so long.

One-way traffic running on Kiratpur-Nerchowk fourlane due to rain

Whenever light debris is removed through machines by the construction company, more debris falls down the hill again due to rain. Due to which the difficulties of the construction company and the drivers have increased continuously.

The process of debris and stones is continuing due to the cracking of the hill on both sides outside Tunnel No. 5 Bhuwana and in the Jadol and Dahar area. Due to which there is a constant danger of any vehicle coming under the grip of stones and debris.

Last days too, a tourist bus was injured when a stone fell from a hill and the operator was injured, fortunately the bus was empty.

NHAI and the construction company have not put up any kind of warning information boards regarding this. Due to which there is a constant danger of untoward incident on this part.

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