Preparation to Include Himachal’s Small Projects in the Solar Park Scheme, Proposal sent to the Center

Preparation to Include Himachal's Small Projects in the Solar Park Scheme

Preparations have started to include Himachal’s small solar projects in the Central Government’s Solar Park Scheme. The state government has sent a proposal in this regard to the central government on the lines of the northeastern states.

The inclusion of small solar projects of the State Power Corporation in the central scheme will provide financial benefits. The State Energy Department has sought approval from the Central Government for several small solar projects including 42 MW to be built in Una.

With the inclusion of small projects of the state in the Centre’s Solar Park scheme, Himachal will start getting a budget for preparing DPR and preparing basic infrastructure.

At present, the cost of preparing DPR is Rs 7 to 8 lakh per MW. Power Corporation has to spend a lot of money to prepare DPR for 20 to 50 MW solar projects.

Preparation to Include Himachal's Small Projects in the Solar Park Scheme

The Central Government has made a budget provision for setting up small solar projects in the northeastern states of the country-Meghalaya, Assam, and Manipur. The central government is providing funds to these states for DPR and infrastructure.

On the same lines, the state government has also sent a proposal to seek financial help from the Centre. State Power Corporation has prepared a plan to set up a 42 MW solar project in Una.

Apart from this, many other projects of 50 to 60 MW capacity are also going to be approved in the coming days.

In such a situation, the state government has taken up the issue of including these projects in the Solar Park scheme with the central government.

The state government’s eyes are fixed on what decision the central government takes in this regard.

Chief Minister Sukhu has started work on green energy after assuming power in the state. A target has been set to make the state a green energy state by the year 2026.