HRTC Drivers Union Announced, will not do night Overtime if Advance is not Received by May 6

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Shimla. HRTC night services may be affected in Himachal Pradesh after May 7. This is because the HRTC Drivers Union has announced that if the HRTC Management and Government Driver Conductors are given Rs 3900 i.e. one month’s night overtime in advance on May 7, only then HRTC Driver Operators will provide night services, otherwise night Overtime will not be done.

In such a situation, if HRTC drivers and conductors do not do night overtime, then the night services of HRTC may be stopped.

During the press conference held on Wednesday in Shimla, HRTC Drivers Union President Mansingh Thakur said that HRTC Drivers Union had given advance notice to HRTC Management on 10th April.

In this, the drivers union had made it clear that the driver conductors will now do night overtime only on advance payment.

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It was also told in the notice that if the amount of Rs 3900 per driver conductor for the night overtime for the month of May is not given to the driver conductors by May 06, then they will not do night overtime.

Even after advance notice, he has not been called for talks by the HRTC management. In such a situation, if he is not called for talks by 5 pm on May 6 and advance payment is not made, then night overtime will not be done.

The state government and HRTC management will be responsible for the problems caused to the people of the state due to this.

If the driver’s union is not called for talks by 5 pm on May 6, then from May 7 the driver’s union will also not be heard.

Mansingh Thakur says that the amount of night overtime for 41 months is payable to the drivers and conductors of HRTC. This amount is around Rs 65 crore.

Apart from this, the first installment of arrears of Rs 50,000 has also not been released to HRTC employees. Neither has received DA yet. Apart from this, the reimbursement of medical bills is also yet to be paid.

The biggest thing is that the employees are not even getting salary on time. Due to which the employees are facing problems. Employees are troubled both financially and mentally.