Protestors stopped petrol tankers at Kangra and Ghurkadi


Shimla: The youth stopped the petrol tankers passing through Kangra Bypass midway. As soon as the petrol trucks started passing on the bypass, the youth traveling in the vehicles stopped the tankers.

Information about the matter was received from Kangra Police. The police reached the spot and after a lot of effort sent patrol tankers through the bypass.

Following this, the protesters in Ghurkadi once more blocked the same tankers. During this period, there was a long traffic jam. DSP Ankit Sharma reached the spot. The angry youth showed anger over not getting petrol at the pumps.

During this period, there was a long traffic jam at Ghurkadi Chowk. Angry youth were seen fighting with the police. The agitators allege that during this time the police also lathi-charged them.

However, DSP Kangra Ankit Sharma stated that these fuel tankers were headed to Kangra, Palampur, Dharamshala, and other locations. They’d been halted by some boisterous adolescents.

He stated that after arriving at the location with the police squad and the police station commander, Kangra, tankers were dispatched once the situation was under control.