Schools of less children within 10 to 15 kilometer radius will be merged and will become models.


Shimla: In Himachal Pradesh, a model will be created by merging schools with less number of students within a radius of 10 to 15 kilometers.

After the approval of the Cabinet, the Education Department has started preparing for the formation of Center of Excellence schools.

A list of schools to be merged has been sought from all district deputy directors by the end of November. Teachers of every subject will be appointed in model schools with all modern facilities.

Education Minister Rohit Thakur said that the government is trying to provide quality education. Work is being done on many schemes.


Under the Right to Education Act, schools open at short distances and vacant posts of teachers are being held responsible for the falling standard of education in the state.

Recently, in the review meeting of the Education Department held at the State Secretariat, an advocacy was made to stop the practice of opening new schools.

In this context, it has been decided that now only one school from pre-primary to class 12th should be opened at a distance of 10 to 15 kilometers.

Teachers of all subjects should be appointed in these schools. All facilities should be provided to children for education. District Deputy Directors have been instructed to identify such schools within a month.

Departmental officials said that the increasing expenditure on the government due to less number of children in schools can also be reduced with this new system.