The Government Imposed a Ban on Bringing Fruit Plants from Outside States, Ordered the Officials to Take Action


The state government has put a complete ban on illegally bringing and selling fruit plants from outside states without proper documents. Regarding this, instructions have been issued to the concerned authorities to stop the consignment of such plants at every entrance of the state.

Apart from this, the Director, Horticulture Department has also authorized all the jurisdictional officers to take action as per the rules against the sellers of fruit trees brought illegally.

This decision has been taken keeping in view the diseases affecting fruit plants. It should be noted that these days the work of transplanting plants to be planted in autumn is going on in the state. For this, gardeners are buying fruit plants as per their requirement.

These fruit plants are provided to the gardeners by the Horticulture Department, but it has been seen that the gardeners are also buying plants from some nursery growers who are not registered by the Horticulture Department.

The department has completely banned the illegal bringing and selling of fruit plants from outside states without proper documents. Departmental officials suspect that disease like phytoplasma is spreading in peach and cherry plants in the state due to plants coming from outside.


Take the Bill after Buying the Plant

Senior Plant Protection and Competent Authority Dr. KK Sinha has urged the gardeners not to buy fruit plants being sold from unregistered nurseries and roadside without any proper documents.

The department is making available imported and other high quality plants to all the gardeners on first come first serve basis through its regional offices.

All the gardeners, after purchasing any fruitful plant, should also get its bill from the concerned nursery, so that action can be taken to compensate for the same in case of bad plants.