Controversy Over Closure of Cement plants in Barmana and Darlaghat Reached the High Court


The dispute over the closure of cement plants in Barmana and Darlaghat has reached the High Court. Petitioner Rajneesh Sharma has challenged the decision of M/s Adani Group to close the cement plant.

During the hearing of the matter on Tuesday, the court found some errors in the petition. The petitioner withdrew the petition and requested to file it again.

A division bench of Chief Justice AA Syed and Justice Jyotsna Rewal Dua allowed the petitioner to file the petition again.

It was alleged in the petition that M/s Adani Group suddenly closed both the plants. Lives of thousands of families associated with this business have been played with.

4,000 trucks were engaged in cement transportation at Barmana Cement Plant. Similarly, in Darlaghat too, 3,500 families depended on cement transportation. All these trucks are now standing on the road, due to which traffic jam also persists.

Truck operators as well as mechanics, dhabas, petrol pumps etc. have suffered direct losses due to the closure of the cement plant. M/s Adani Group had bought both these cement plants last year itself and had promised to provide employment to the local people.

Also assured to work for the welfare of the state. But within a year Adani Group locked both the cement plants. All those families who have given their agricultural land to set up the plant are dependent on cement transportation.


Such people have spent a huge amount to buy the truck. It has also become difficult to repay the loan installment due to the closure of the plant.

Before closing both the cement plants, the Adani Group neither gave one month’s notice to the state government nor informed the labor department about the closure of the plants as per rules.

Not only this, Himachal Pradesh is a cement producing state, but the cost of cement is high as compared to other states.