US Government has bodies and vehicles of aliens: Former US Intelligence Officer


During a remarkable congressional hearing, former American intelligence official David Grusch revealed that the US government conducted a “multi-decade” programme aimed at collecting and reverse-engineering crashed unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Grusch, who was in charge of investigating unexplained anomalous phenomena within a US Department of Defence agency until 2023, spoke before the House oversight committee in Washington, shedding light on the issue of alien life and technology, as reported by the Guardian.

This hearing, prompted by Grusch’s previous claims, attracted global interest and ignited discussions about the possibility of a government cover-up regarding UFOs.

Grush’s Allegation and Detective Complaint

In a congressional session, Grush revealed under oath that he had been informed of a long-standing UAP crash retrieval and reverse-engineering programme during his official duties, from which he was denied access.

Although he was at the head of investigations into the knowledge of aliens and their craft conducted by military & defense agencies, he was denied access to secret government UFO programs. His intelligence complaint in 2022 was a result of this annoyance.

As a result of his claims, Grush faced severe retaliation which negatively affected both his professional and personal life.

Claims of Harm and Concealment

Grush confirmed during questioning that he had knowledge of individuals who had been harmed or injured in the government’s efforts to cover up UFO-related information.

Further, he admitted that he fears for his life due to his involvement in the case. Following this Congressional hearing, speculation is rife that the US government may be hiding evidence of alien life and advanced technology. The whole affair drew mixed reactions from the public, including skepticism.


Government’s Lack of Cooperation

Co-leading the UFO investigation, Republican Congressman Tim Burchett accused government agencies of a lack of cooperation with the Oversight Committee’s investigation.

The difficulty in obtaining information and testimony from relevant parties led to frustrations and claims of being stonewalled by federal officials.

Recovery of Aliens Creatures and UFOs

Grusch asserted that the US government possessed crashed extraterrestrial vehicles and even recovered alien beings.

When asked if there were bodies of the pilots who piloted these planes, he confirmed the existence of “biological fossils” that were non-human, based on information from persons with direct knowledge of the program.

While some details were withheld during the hearing, Grush previously claimed in media interviews with varying details that the government also had access to large alien vehicles.

Congressional Response and Pentagon Denial


Congressman Burchett finds Grush’s claims about the recovery of non-human bodies credible, having already agreed to the existence of alien craft before the investigation.

However, the Pentagon denied Grush’s allegations of a cover-up, stating that investigators had not found verifiable evidence supporting the existence of programs related to space materials.

The Pentagon released a report. It was stated that out of 366 new cases, 195 incidents have been resolved with some clarifications. The US Department of Defense said 26 of the cases were drones.

163 cases have been described as balloons or something like that, while 6 cases have been described as birds or plastic bags. According to this report released by the Pentagon, 171 cases have not been identified.

CIA Agent’s Shocking Claim

John Ramirez, a former agent of the American intelligence agency CIA, has also recently made a shocking claim about aliens.

A former CIA agent says he has had encounters with reptile-like aliens. The agent says that the aliens are living in disguise among humans.

Testimony of other Witnesses

The hearing also featured testimonies from other witnesses, such as David Fravor, a former navy commander who recalled seeing a strange object in the sky during a training mission in 2004, and Ryan Graves, a retired navy pilot, who claimed to have encountered unidentified aerial phenomena off the Atlantic coast frequently.


Graves founded a UAP non-profit organization, “Americans for Safe Aerospace”, to bring to the fore the concerns of the many commercial aircrew and former military personnel who had experienced such strange air phenomena.

Despite the excitement and media speculation surrounding the hearing, some individuals cautioned against reading too much into the claims. Sceptics highlighted that accusations of a government cover-up regarding UFOs have surfaced numerous times in the past without substantial evidence emerging.

The government’s ability to keep other significant secrets secret was questioned, leading some to doubt the validity of the long-term concealment of UFO-related information.