Fierce Protest Against Adani Group in Barmana; The Dispute is not Resolved, the Anger of the Operators is on the Sky

this evening CM will settle cement dispute

Despite all the talks, the transporters have made up their mind to fight a decisive battle after not seeing any solution to the cement dispute.

Angry truck operators staged a vigorous protest at Barmana on Wednesday and raised slogans against the Adani Group for not resolving the issue going on for the last 55 days.

It has been decided that if the matter does not work out in the next meeting as well, then a big fight will be started for the rights. A massive demonstration will be held at Barmana on Thursday.

Even after two face-to-face talks with the Adani Group, there was no talk of increasing the fare. Due to this, the operators of BDTS and the Ex-Servicemen Union shouted slogans against the Adani Group in Pukar Hall.

He said that Adani Group should open the factory first, further decisions will be taken later, otherwise, the situation will become serious. The dictatorship of Adani Group and ignoring the interests of the operators cannot be tolerated for long.

Fierce protest against Adani Group Barmana

Adani group is asking for 400 vehicles for Himachal and 300 vehicles for clinker transportation. According to truck operators, at present, the cement freight is fixed at Rs 11.41, while on top of that the annual hike of 3.97 percent and diesel hike, which makes the rate Rs 12.04 per kilometer per tonne.

Government called Barmana ACC management to Shimla

The Barmana-based ACC Cement Management of Adani Group has been called to the court of the Sukhu government in Shimla during the sit-in demonstration in the BDTS premises.

Due to this urgent meeting with the government, the gathering called off the dharna after 3 pm in front of the operators. Said that if the dispute is not resolved by Thursday morning, then a decisive battle will be started.

The BDTS executive is trying to settle the dispute peacefully keeping in view the interest of the operators. Waiting is being done only after the assurance received in the meetings with the CM.

Will speak in Barmana today

Truck operators say that first Adani group should start the factory, rest of the decisions will be taken later because the opening of the factory will also benefit the Adani group, otherwise the situation will become serious. Now there will be a protest against the Adani group on Thursday.

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