Crops will not be ruined due to rain, hailstorm and sunlight, IIT Mandi will make polyhouse


Shimla: In a hilly state like Himachal, crops get damaged every now and then due to weather. Crops get ruined by rain, hailstorm, snowfall, and sunlight. Many stray animals also damage crops.

IIT Mandi has found the solution for this. Climate Control Agriculture Scheme is being started by IIT to protect the crops of the farmers from the bad effects of the weather.

According to this, polyhouses will be built only on half a bigha of land. In these, according to the crops, the temperature, air, water and the environment required by the crops will be given.

In this way, he can do farming like a farmer on these polyhouses and he can earn lakhs from only half a bigha of land. The polyhouse will be prepared in such a way that wild animals will not be able to come around.


Work will be done in collaboration with Palampur Agriculture University

Palampur Agriculture University is also working in this project along with IIT Mandi. During this, the experts of Agriculture University will guide the farmers better in this project as to which crop they should grow.

Which cash crops can be grown in less space which will give better profit. The experts will also guide the farmers on the variety of seeds, the changes that happen from time to time.

30 polyhouses will be built this year

Under the Climate Control Agriculture Project, a target has been set by the IITs to construct 30 polyhouses this year. Next year it may even double.

IIT Mandi Director Prof. Laxmidhar Behera said that many crops can be grown in Himachal Pradesh, in which farmers can get huge profit, but due to the bad effect of weather, it gets wasted many times.

In such a situation, the climate control agriculture project will prove to be effective. Crops will be prevented from getting wasted.