200 MW of Electricity will be Generated from Solar Energy, the Government has Taken Steps to Overcome the Shortage of Electricity.

Preparation to Include Himachal's Small Projects in the Solar Park Scheme

The Himachal government will remove the shortage of electricity in winter with solar energy. For this, a target has been set to produce 200 MW of electricity by the month of October.

Once this target is met, the board will not have to purchase power from neighboring states during winters.

After taking this step, the Electricity Board will also get rid of huge losses. Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said that the power generation in Himachal gets reduced for three to four months in winter. In such a situation, the board has to depend on the neighboring states for fulfillment.

After October, electricity is procured in the state at the rate of about seven rupees per unit and after giving heavy subsidy, the electricity board delivers this electricity to the consumers, but this time the state government is going to make a big change so that in winter we don’t have to buy expensive electricity.

200 MW of electricity will be generated from solar energy

The Chief Minister said that the state government wants to increase the revenue and solar energy will prove to be the most helpful in this.

This is the first time when the production will be less due to water shortage in the power project in October, then the government will try to meet this shortage through solar energy.

This year it will start with 200 MW. In future it will be increased further. The Chief Minister said that this is the reason why his ministers are working till 2.30 am. He said that when it comes to serving the people of the state, he is ready to stay awake even till 4 am.

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