Truck Operators met Sanjay Awasthi in Darlaghat, Assured that the Government will Resolve the Cement Dispute Soon


Transporters of Darlaghat met Arki MLA Sanjay Awasthi at Forest Rest House in Darlaghat on Saturday to resolve the freight dispute. The transporters apprised them of their conditions and problems.

The meeting of truck operators with the MLA lasted for two hours. It is noteworthy that 19 days of lockout have been completed in Ambuja Cement Plant of Darlaghat.

Apart from operators, the employment of people associated with other businesses including vehicle drivers, hotel-dhabas, tire punctures, petrol pumps and repairs, spare parts, is being affected. Truck operators spoke to MLA Sanjay Awasthi and requested him to resolve the issue soon.

The MLA assured everyone that protecting the interests of its people is the topmost priority of the state government and the government is fully serious about resolving this dispute.

Condemning the action taken by the industry regarding transfers and suspension of employees working in Ambuja, he said that such attitude and exploitation will not be tolerated.

On this occasion, President SDTO Jaidev Kaundal, Treasurer Ram Krishna, Director Ramesh Thakur, Rishi Dev, Naresh, Balak Ram from ADKM Transport Society, Arun Shukla, Kamal Kant, Jagdish Thakur from Kuldeep Baghal Land Loser Transport Society, Mangal Transport Co- Manohar, Baldev Thakur and others were present from the operative society. (hdm)

Meeting in Shimla Today

In the meeting, MLA Sanjay Awasthi told the transporters that the committee constituted by the government would hold a meeting with truck operators’ associations and unions, industrialists’ associations and Adani group management on Monday, January 2. He assured the truck operators to resolve the issue at the earliest.