In Himachal, a game of fraud was being run through three fake websites in the name of crypto currency.

Crypto Currency Fraud

In Himachal Pradesh, new victims are coming forward every day in the case of fraud of crores of rupees in the name of crypto currency. Meanwhile, it has come to light that three vicious people were running a black business of fraud in the name of crypto currency through fake websites.

People were made victims of fraud through MLM i.e. Multi Level Market. People are made happy by showing high returns in coins and dollars in fake websites. Seeing these, new people are forced to invest themselves.

In the investigation, it is being found that initially they kept giving money to the people by showing fabricated high returns on the fake website, but later it became difficult to manage everything and the main accused went underground.

Along with this the website was also closed. The vicious people kept talking about investing in fake websites like crypto currency, Coreview, DGT, Beatpad. As per the rules, the victims were shown their growth and returns.

In most of the cases reported so far, only cash has been given by the victims to the miscreants, whereas online payment has been very less.

The miscreants had created a chain from top to bottom under MLM and deceived people by showing expensive hotels and expensive cars. Now a total of 28 cases have been reported in Cyber Police Station Mandi Zone.

Of these, allegations of fraud of about Rs 13 crore have been made. The investors are said to be some government employees, some senior officials, some eminent people of the society and others.

Crypto Currency Fraud

After paying 30 percent of the income from crypto currency as tax, after it was recognized, people’s inclination towards it increased, but due to lack of verification and information, they kept depositing their life-long capital with vicious people instead of at the right place. .

Both the accused will be brought to the market under production warrant.

Two accused will be brought to Mandi under production warrant for questioning regarding the complaints received in the Cyber Police Station. Only after interrogating the accused will the correct figures regarding the amount defrauded in the Mandi zone be revealed.

In many cases, it is also coming to light that the miscreants had given responsibilities to people from block to district level under MLM. Many victims had no direct link to the main accused.

Many victims were already associated with people under MLM and were investing their savings, but later became victims of fraud when they did not get anything.

Vicious was associated with MLM earlier also

Both the arrested accused were already associated with MLM. The game of fraud in the name of crypto currency started in 2018-19. People invested heavily in this in order to earn double in 11 months.

What is crypto currency?

Cryptocurrency is virtual money. The Indian government has imposed a 30 percent tax on the profits earned on investing in crypto currency.

Many people have made profits by investing in crypto currency through the right means, but miscreants were committing fraud in the name of crypto currency. They were taking money in the name of investment, but in reality instead of investing the money was being embezzled.

On the other hand, Cyber ​​Crime ASP Mandi Manmohar Singh said that complaints related to this matter are being received. Statements of the victims are being recorded. Investigation is going on in the matter as per rules. At present nothing more can be said in this matter.