5G on Two Towers of Hamirpur; Installation in Gandhi Chowk and Bhota Chowk, High Speed will be Launched after Two Days

5G on two towers Gandhi Chowk and Bhota Chowk of Hamirpur

Indian telecom company Jio on Tuesday launched 5G from the capital Shimla in Bilaspur and Hamirpur as well.

This service will be very beneficial for those who use the Internet more, but according to experts, everyone will have to wait to take full advantage of this service.

Because if we talk about Hamirpur, Jio’s 5G system has been installed here only on the towers of Gandhi Chowk and Bhota Chowk located at the district headquarters, which is said to be launched on 16 or 17 February.

There is information that a high official from NIT or from the district administration can launch it. According to experts, although it will take time, but this service will prove to be very effective for the students.

Users will also have to change their handsets and get 5G mobile phones to avail its services. At present, the lowest priced 5G handset in the market is said to be 1- to 14 thousand.

5G on two towers Gandhi Chowk and Bhota Chowk of Hamirpur

That means extra burden is going to fall on the pocket of the user. Well at present this service will be available in the district around Gandhi Chowk and Bhota Chowk. After this, as the towers grow, the users of the surrounding areas will also start getting their benefits.

More Towers will be installed for 4G

It is said that 5G will require more towers than 4G. Talking about the 11 wards of Hamirpur located at the district headquarters, the company will have to set up seven to 10 towers to provide proper 5G services here.

Where users using data are less, the company will refrain from providing this service, because it will cost a lot. Therefore, priority will be given to those areas where the company sees the possibility of higher output.

The reason behind the one-year free service being said by the company is believed to be that the company is giving time to the people to change the handset.