Employees who were Left Out of OPS will Talk to the Government

OPS not Restored in Electricity Board

After the restoration of the OPS, the excited staff leaders are now talking about the retired employees who have been released from the old pension.

In the terms and conditions fixed by the state government for restoring OPS, ten years of service has been made mandatory. There are about 12 thousand employees across the state, who have retired after May 15, 2003.

Among them, there are a large number of employees whose service has been less than ten years and in the new rule, these employees will not get the benefit of OPS.

State President of NPS Employees Federation Pradeep Thakur said that the old pension was discontinued on May 15, 2003.

It has been decided to give old pension to employees up to May 14, 2023. The only terms and conditions have been fixed for these employees, which were fixed for the Old Pension Employees implemented before May 15, 2003.

Employees who were Left Out of OPS will Talk to the Government

He said that it has been decided to give 50 percent basic and DA to retired employees, while retiring employees can take 40 percent pension advance for 12 years.

Along with this, there is a provision of family pension. He said that pension was being fixed between 500 and 5100 rupees in NPS and employees had to struggle long to restore old pension.

After the formation of the government under the leadership of Chief Minister Sukhu, the way to restore OPS opened. After the election resolved the issue of OPS in the first cabinet. The rules have been decided.

By May 14, a decision has been taken to give old pension to employees. He said that employees who are exempting from less than ten years of service, will be interacted with the state government to get the benefit of OPS.

Old pension will be a national issue for employees

After the restoration of OPS in the state, the employees are now preparing to make it a national issue. Demonstration will be held in Delhi soon in this episode. Employees from across the state will take part in this demonstration.

Not only this, OPS restoration will also be made the main issue in the states where elections will be held. The central government has invested the money of the employees in private hands, correspondence is being made to bring back that money.

Will continue the struggle further to bring back the funds from the center. The government will have 14 percent shares. A campaign of demonstrations will be launched in Delhi.