Kalka-Shimla rail track will no longer stop due to rain and snowfall

Kalka-Shimla railway track

Shimla: Rail services will not be disrupted due to falling of trees on the Kalka-Shimla heritage track during snowfall days. The Railway Department has cut down 150 trees posing a threat to the track between Kalka and Shimla. Most of these trees have been cut between Solan and Shimla.

The Railways had marked trees to protect the track from snowfall and rain. Most of these trees were inclined towards the track. In winter, due to snowfall and rain on the heritage track, trees collapse between Shimla and Solan.

Due to this, railway service stops for several days. Thousands of tourists visit Shimla to enjoy snowfall. During this period, coming to Shimla by rail in toy train is the only means of transportation for tourists. Now railway services will not be stopped due to snowfall due to felling of trees.

Kalka-Shimla railway track

Due to heavy snowfall and rain in winter, traffic in Shimla city stops for two to three days. During this period, due to closure of buses, trains remain the only means of transportation for people. People coming from Tutu, Jatogh, Taradevi, Shoghi reach Shimla in toy train.

Engine shed built at Shimla station will be repaired in two months

The repair of the engine shed at Shimla station will start soon. Railways has completed the tender process for repairing the engine shed and has handed over the responsibility to the contractor.

The engine shed will be repaired in two months at a cost of Rs 25 lakh. The size of the shed will remain the same as before. Old iron will also be used in it. This shed was badly damaged due to the disaster on 23 August.

This shed has the capacity to undertake repair work of four engine sheds. Apart from this, stream engine also stands. Due to shed collapse, only two engines are being repaired at a time in this shed. Other engines are being parked on rail lines. Due to this the repair work of the engine is also being affected.